October        2016  Welcome  visiting PhD student Natali Hurtado Miranda who is visiting from the lab of Guillermo D’Elía at Universidad Austral de Chile. Natali is investigating the role of the Andean rivers in the speciation of sigmodontine rodents.



September        2016    Champak’s ABLE preprint on Bioarxiv (flexible popgen/phylogeographic inference from partial or whole genomes with linkage information retained). “Approximate Likelihood Inference of Complex Population Histories and Recombination from Multiple Genomes”

August         2016    End of another era! A heartfelt Korean BBQ farewell feast for Roberta Damasceno and Tyler Joseph. Roberta returns to the University of São Paulo, Brazil, while Tyler starts his PhD adventure at Columbia (a few blocks away).  IMG_3931

August      2016    One day “jam session” with the partial lab of Scott Edwards. List of talks here

July             2016    New paper by Ivan Prates et al. in PNAS (a big joint effort by the Carnaval and Hickerson labs). “Inferring responses to climate dynamics from historical demography in neotropical forest lizards“. CCNY press release here

July             2016     Welcome to the lab Gregory Thom who is a visiting PhD student from Dr. Cristina Miyaki’s lab at University of São Paulo, Brazil. Greg will be with the lab for a year.

June            2016      Lab alum  John Robinson (Postdoc 2013-2014) just stated a faculty position as assistant professor at Michigan State University

May             2016      New paper by undergraduate Tyler Joseph! “Demographic inference under a spatially continuous coalescent model” Heredity

April            2016       New paper by Stephen Harris and several of us in the lab “Urbanization shapes the demographic history of a native rodent (the white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus) in New York City” Biology Letters. Covered in the LA TIMES

March         2016      A huge congratulations for undergraduate Tyler Joseph! Tyler has decided to pursue doctoral studies at Columbia University with Itsik Pe’er and Yaniv Erlich

January      2016       New paper by the Carnaval, Franks and Hickerson labs. Brown et al. “Predicting the genetic consequences of future climate change: The power of coupling spatial demography, the coalescent, and historical landscape changes” American Journal of Botany

December  2015        Two new pre-prints by Stephen Harris written up in the Molecular Ecologist (Country mouse, city mouse). The second one involved several people in the lab.

November  2015        New paper by Alexander (“Xander”) Xue “The aggregate site frequency spectrum (aSFS) for comparative population genomic inference” in Molecular Ecology

October      2015        Welcome visiting PhD student Sara Lipshutz! Sara is visiting from the Derryberry lab at Tulane is here working on inference of the demographic history of white-crowned sparrows subspecies along the west coast of the US.

September 2015    To send Diego off (and welcome in Roberta), we had a fantastic weekend retreat/Lab BBQ/Bonfire/Mushroom hunt. Roberta finds a ~5 lb Hericium (Coral’s Tooth) which we all cooked and ate immediately.

IMG_0920 IMG_0943   IMG_0962 IMG_0976 IMG_0927IMG_0959

September 2015    New paper by Terry Demos “Comparative population genomics of small mammals support Eastern Afromontane population persistence across a climatic gradient and Quaternary paleoenvironmental changes” in PLoS One

September 2015    New paper by Diego Alvarado “Spatially explicit summary statistics for historical population genetic inference” in Methods in Ecology and Evolution

September 2015    Welcome Roberta Damasceno!! new visiting postdoctoral scholar from the Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil). Roberta will be focusing on hybridization and mechanisms of reproductive isolation in lizards from the Brazilian Atlantic Forests

August       2015     Congratulations to lab alum Katriina Ilves!! Katriina starts new tenure-track faculty job at nearby Pace University

July            2015     Xander Xue and Diego Alvarado give talks at SSE (Guarujá, Brazil). Check out Diego in action here posted by the Molecular Ecologist

June          2015      Lab alum Katriina Ilves now assistant professor at Pace University!!!

April           2015      Isaac Overcast gets three travel awards: 1.) the Brazil SSE 2015 conference; 2.) the 2015 SSB standalone meeting at the University of Michigan; and one for 3.) the 2015 SISG at the University of Washington, Seattle

March        2015      Isaac Overcast gives talk “Patterns of Trance across the Tree of Life” at the CUNY Conference on Trance

January     2015      Successful lab road trip to Louisiana visiting the  GilchristDerryberry, Blum, Richards-ZawackiLozierEsselstyn, Brown and Rick Miller labs IMG_6141IMG_6063

January     2015     New paper by J.T.Boehm – Population Genomics Reveals Seahorses (Hippocampus erectus) of the Western Mid-Atlantic Coast to Be Residents Rather than Vagrants

December 2014     Another new paper in BMC Evolutionary Bio! Skippered by Capt John Rrrrobinson and co-authored by Alec Coffman and Ryan Gutenkunst. “Sampling strategies for frequency spectrum-based population genomic inference

November 2014    Welcome to the lab! New postdoctoral researcher Champak Reddy. Champak received his PhD from the Université Montpellier II, Montpellier, France and comes directly from the research group of Raphael Leblois at Centre de Biologie pour la Gestion des Populations in Montpellier, France.

October     2014       Welcome to the lab! New doctoral student Isaac Overcast

September 2014   New paper with Brian Smith, Robb Brumfield and many other great folks – “The Drivers of Tropical Speciation

August        2014          Our new paper in Molecular Ecology skippered by Capt John Rrrrrobinson – “ABC inference of multi-population divergence with admixture from un-phased population genomic data

July             2014               A fond farewell to the legendary Terry Demos! Terry has now begun a postdoc position at LSU with Jake Esselstyn

June            2014             Our new paper in MBE by Yvonne Chan! – “Detecting concerted demographic response across community assemblages using hierarchical approximate Bayesian computation

April            2014             Congratulations Tyler Joseph on acceptance into CCNY’s Summer 2014 NSF-REU program!

April            2014             Congratulations Dr. Terrence Demos! Successfully defended!IMG953590

April           2014             NYC Student Ancestry Result Event at the AMNH. Great fun had by all!

April           2014              The NY Daily News article on our NYC Student Ancestry Project 

April           2014              Welcome to the lab Cécile Gracianne (visiting PhD student from University of Rennes, France)

March        2014               Welcome Tyler Joseph  to the lab! Tyler is an undergraduate majoring in mathematics (and has a degree in music).

February    2014        First Atlantic Forest-Biota project workshop in São Paulo is a huge success – Project Website is launched

February    2014           Our NYC Student Ancestry Project finally launched!  We thank everyone who helped and especially the folks at the AMNH and the National Geographic Genographic Project for joining us for this public program. Some press about the cheek swabbing event that involved roughly 200 students from 7 NYC area colleges can be found here, here and here.

December 2013            After a great year in the lab, John Rrrr Robinson has moved on to a permanent position as a Research Scientist at the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (Population Genetics Division).  We will all miss him and wish him well! John will be running his own research lab focusing on the the population genetics of freshwater fishes and invertebrates of the North American Southeast. Look out for his papers in the near future (2 now in review) and what an outstanding going away feast we gave him. Going away party for John Rrrr Robinson (now a Research Scientist at the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Population Genetics Division). The Hicker-lab yet again getting stuffed in the east village. IMG_437220131220_204735IMG_0447

October      2013         Two new papers by Terry Demos – “Uncovering cryptic diversity and refugial persistence among small mammal lineages across the Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hotspot” (in press; Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution) and “Integrative taxonomy of the Hylomyscus denniae and H. anselli groups (Rodentia: Muridae) and description of a new species from western Kenya” (Journal of Mammalogy; in press).

September 2013        The Carnaval, McDonald, Michelangeli, Thomas and Hickerson labs are awarded a 5 year NSF/NASA Dimension of Biodiversity (DoB) grant: “Dimensions US-BIOTA-São Paulo: A multidisciplinary framework for biodiversity prediction in the Brazilian Atlantic forest hotspot.”   Led by Ana Carnaval, the American project team of five PI’s (from CCNY and the New York Botanical Garden) will be collaborating with the FAPESP-funded Brazilian project team of three PI’s led by Cristina Miyaki. The Brazilian team includes Miyaki,  Pinto-da-Rocha, and Cruz, all from the University of São Paulo.

August      2013      Welcome Diego Alvarado Serrano to the lab! Diego received his PhD from the U. of Michigan with Lacey Knowles and is now a postdoctoral researcher

June          2013         Hickerlab attends SSMPG 2013 workshop (Software and Statistical Methods for Population Genetics) in Aussois, France

May           2013          New paper by JT Boehm – “Marine dispersal and barriers drive Atlantic seahorse diversification” (Journal of Biogeography;  in press)

April          2013         Welcome Ana Christina Fazza to the lab! As part of Ana’s PhD from the Universidade de São Paulo (with Cristina Miyaki), she will spend a year with us to develop historical demographic models for the Atlantic forest avian assemblage of Brazil

March       2013       Hickerson lab is awarded NSF’s CAREER grant DEB 1253710: “Dynamic models of isolation and admixture for community-scale population genomic inference

February   2013    New paper by John Robinson – “Approximate Bayesian estimation of extinction rate in the Finnish Daphnia magna metapopulation” (Molecular Ecology)

December 2012 Welcome John Robinson to the lab! John R received his PhD from the U. of Georgia with John Wares and is now a postdoctoral researcher