Hickerson/Edwards lab symposium

August 26th 2016 8:30 AM – 1 PM; City College of New York Marshak 819
Alexander Xue (5th year grad student): “Comparative phylogeographic and population genomic inference under hierarchical multi-taxa co-divergence models”

Champak Reddy (postdoc): ABLE

Greg Thom (visiting grad student from Brazil): “comparative phylogeography of amazonian floodplain forest Birds”

Isaac Overcast (3rd year grad student): Integrating Island Assembly models with comparative population genomics

Allison Shultz (6th year grad student): “History of the House Finch: Introductions, novel pathogens, and rapid evolution”

Jonathan Schmitt (2nd year grad student): “Melanic plumage evolution at micro- and macroevolutionary scales”

Lily Lu (rising Sophomore): “Understanding the evolutionary mechanisms of a ketolase gene in red carotenoid coloration of birds”

Scott Edwards : “Conserved non-exonic elements: a new type of marker for phylogenomics”

Kaiya L. Provos (first year grad student Smith lab):  bird phylogeography: pattern & process by