November 2017         Welcome to the lab! New PhD student Melina Giakoumis

November 2017         Welcome to the lab! New visiting PhD student Victor Garcia-Olivares from the lab of Brent Emerson oat the Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología (IPNA) in La Laguna (Spain).


May 2017         Welcome to the lab! New visiting PhD student Pedro Taucce from the lab of Celio Haddad of the São Paulo State University (Unesp), Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil. Pedro is using acoustic and molecular data to delimit cryptic frog species as well as reconstruct their evolutionary history. Pedro is now focusing on using anchored phylogenomics to understand the diversification and evolution of some leaf-litter dwelling frogs (the Ischnocnema guentheri complex) within the Brazilian Atlantic forest.

February       2017  Welcome to the lab!  New Postdoctoral researcher Laura Bertola, who will be focusing on comparative adaptive genomics.

February       2017  Welcome to the lab!  New visiting PhD student Vanessa Bonatti who is visiting from the lab of Tiago Mauricio Francoy of the Universidade de São Paulo.Vanessa is using RAD data to infer the demographic history of Melipona subnitida, a stingless bee of Northeast of Brazil