Current Personnel, Alumni, and Collaborators  

 360 degrees of lab meeting (circa 2015?)

Hickerson – Principle Investigator –   Google Scholarhicker_banjo 

Associate Professor, Department of Biology
City College of New York (CCNY)
City University of New York (CUNY)
Marshak Science Building, Room J-526
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031 USA

Telephone, office: 212-650-8530
Telephone, research laboratory: 212 – 650 – 7000 – extension 13457
FAX: (212) 650-8585
email: mhickerson at ccny cuny edu

Research Associate, Invertebrate Zoology
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024 USA



Laura Bertola – Postdoctoral researcher – Leiden University

Laura is interested in how the rapidly changing field of genomics can contribute to conservation biology. During her PhD she explored different sources of DNA, such as non-invasively collected samples and museum specimens, to gain insight into the distribution of genetic diversity in the lion. She has also worked on metabarcoding and eDNA for assessing community composition. Currently she is work on a comparative adaptive genomics study of Neotropical co-distributed species from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.


Connor French – Ph.D. Candidate french connor m ‘at’ gmail com – B.S. University of Texas, M.S., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Connor graduated with a BS in Biology (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior; 2015) from the University of Texas at Austin where he studied the evolution of color in female three-spine stickleback and hung out at the natural history collections a little too much. He then pursued a Master of Science in Zoology at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale under Dr. Jason Brown’s advisorship. He studied the speciation and phylogeography of an Ameerega poison frog species pair in Peru. While in Carbondale, he ill-advisedly joined two bands, which made writing his thesis more stressful than it should have been.


He joined the Carnaval and Hickerson Labs in Fall 2018. Having arrived in the Big Apple, he is now interested in the big biodiversity questions. He wants to integrate population genetics and community ecological theory to investigate the processes behind community assembly and biogeographic history. Now a mature PhD student, he will hopefully maintain some self-control and only play in one band.



Melina Giakoumis – Ph.D. Candidate m ‘dot’ giakoumis1 ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com – B.A. Adelphi University, M.A. Columbia University

Melina uses genomics and ecological modeling to address questions about adaptation Melina_websiteand conservation. In particular, she is interested in historical and projected responses of marine organisms to climate change. Melina is currently studying speciation and genomic adaptation in intertidal marine invertebrates in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.




Isaac Overcast – Ph.D. Candidate isaac.overcast at BA Evergreen State College

isaac_photo“There is considerable opportunity to increase the power of phylogeographic methods by improving integration of genome scale data and enabling comparisons both within and between multiple taxa. I am primarily interested in developing these computational tools to facilitate comparative phylogeographic study at genome-scale levels and in extending current population genomic models to the level of assemblages.”


Andrea Calderon Brito – Masters Student B.A. Universidad del Azuay

Andrea is focusing on the biogeographic history of South American Bats




Casey Sniffin – Undergraduate Student (Mcauley’s Honor’s College of CUNY)

Casey is focusing on population delineation and demographic inference of the Mexican forest gecko Phyllodactylus benedetti



Lab Alumni 


Champak Beeravolu ReddyPostdoctoral Researcher. Champak is now a postdoctoral researcher in the the lab of Frédéric Guillaume. hickerlabheads






Diego Alvarado-Serrano – Postdoctoral Researcher  Diego Diego is now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Michigan in the lab of Regina Baucom






John Robinson – Postdoctoral Researcher John was a postdoctoral researcher focusing on building a new ABC method that can accommodate population genomic scale  data under complex divergence with admixture models. John is now assistant professor at Michigan State University 


Katriina Ilves– Postdoctoral Researcher  Katriina is now assistant professorkatriina_dl.jpg at Pace University in manhattan.




Roberta Damasceno – Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher Roberta is now  at the Instituto de Biociências, Universidade de São Paulo6385_1209328346851_6897239_n






Alexander Xue – Ph.D. 2017  Xander is now a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Andy Kern at Rutgers








Terry Demos – PhD (2014) Terry is now a postdoctoral researcher at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago



JT Boehm – PhD (2014)  JT has begun a postdoctoral at the American Museum of Natural History with Robert DeSalle. JTsign







Victor Garcia-Olivares – visiting PhD student from the lab of Brent Emerson at the Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología (IPNA) in La Laguna (Spain).







Vanessa Bonatti – visiting PhD student

img_1444Vanessa Bonatti was visiting from the lab of Tiago Mauricio Francoy of the Universidade de São Paulo.







Pedro Taucce – visiting PhD student – pedrotaucce ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com

photo4981169071672371118Pedro Taucce was visiting from the lab of Celio Haddad of the São Paulo State University (Unesp), Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil.








Gregory Thom – Visiting PhD student – biogrego ‘at’ yahoo ‘dot’ com ‘dot’ br

Greg was visiting from the lab of  Dr. Cristina Miyaki’s lab at University of São Paulo, Brazil. ands anGregSquared related Biomes.





Natali Hurtado Miranda – Visiting PhD student. Natali  visited from the lab of Guillermo D’Elía at Universidad Austral de Chile.


Sara Lipshutz – Visiting PhD student –

Lipshutz jacana

Sara Lipshutz visited from the lab of  Elizabeth Derryberry‘s lab at Tulane University.





Cécile Gracianne Visiting PhD student  Cécile obtained her PhD from University of Orleans (France) & MS University of Rennes (France)







Ana Christina Fazza – Visiting PhD student. Ana is now a postdoctoral researcher inDr. Cristina Miyaki’s lab at University of São Paulo. DSCF4723





Stephen Harris – Visiting PhD Student from the Munshi-South lab. Stephen is now an assistant professor at SUNY Purchase





Cedric Landerer Visiting Masters student (spring 2013) – Cedricis now a PhD student at the University of Tennessee in the lab of Michael Gilchrist


Tyler Joseph – Undergraduate Researcher (2014 – August 2016)  As of September 2016, Tyler is now a PhD candidate at Columbia University with  Itsik Pe’er and Yaniv Erlich.









Xiaoou Xie – Undergraduate researcher DSC02834






Wen Huang – Wen was a undergraduate research who worked on developing software tools for HABC (msBayes). Wen has expanded msBayes to include additional summary statistics, tests for migration and multi-locus data with rate heterogeneity.





Tahira Sayed – Tahira was an undergraduate researcher working on the Molecular population genetic analysis of Lampreys







Chris Ludvik – Chris worked on a project that used DNA barcodes to detect invasive species in Moorea French Polynesia

Francois Desinor – Francois worked on a project that used DNA barcodes to detect invasive species in Moorea French Polynesia

Andrew Chen – High School Student (Bronx School of Science) – Andrew has conducted a study looking at the geographic mode of speciation in Indo-Pacific Chondrichthyes



Stephane Boissinot

Robb Brumfield

Lynsey Bunnefeld

Frank Burbrink

Yvonne Chan

Ana Carnaval

Elizabeth Derryberry

Brent Emerson

Ryan Gutenkunst

Konrad Lohse

Craig Moritz

Jason Munshi-South
Brian Smith

Graham Stone

Naoki Takebayashi



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